Fluoro Technology

Fluorine Chemistry Expert in Water and Oil Repellent Coatings

Fluoride coating products are used for water repellency, circuit board waterproofing, water and oil repellency treatment for glass panels, water repellency treatment for textiles, surface lubrication for rubber products, and release lubrication for molds. We continue to innovate our applications and formulations based on customer needs.

The main product applications include water and oil repellent coatings, moisture and chemical resistant coatings, anti-fingerprint and anti-stain coatings, anti-reflective coatings, dry lubricant coatings, long-lasting mold release agents, three-proof paints, and waterproof insulation protective coatings.


  • 1990

    Company Establishment Date

  • 1000+

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Customer oriented, quality control, and pursuit of sustainability
Business development


At the beginning of its establishment, Duterun Company quickly obtained the Taiwan agency rights of Chemie Technik GmbH from Germany; The main product is special maintenance oil for offset printing machines, certified on Heidelberg, Man Roland machines. This product has been the first growth point of the company since its sale, ensuring the survival of the company during its early stages.


Obtaining Taiwan agency rights for Reiner Chemie GmbH to sell special oils and forging oils; Until now, Fuchs' forging oil Lubrodal is still being sold. Selling release agents in the forging industry is the second growth point of the company; Step by step, we have set foot in Taiwan's forging factories and established a solid business foundation. In the same year, we made further efforts to obtain the Taiwan agency rights for the Santosol DME (solvent for special baking coatings) product from Monsanto Chemical Company in the United States, and quickly established a market, which is our third growth point. Unfortunately, due to the entry of Chinese manufacturing plants into production and low price competition, this market could not be sustained.


In an important year, Duterrun acquired the Taiwan agency rights of Nye Lubricants Inc. in the United States, specializing in automotive and electronic component oils.


Nye's agency rights have been extended to China. Coincidentally catching up with the decade when Asia began to develop; So, Duterun quickly stood firm in China. This is the fourth growth point of the company.


Nye holds a global agent conference in Boston; Coincidentally, during the 9/11 attacks in the United States, all attendees were stranded for a week. During my stay, I met the owner of Fluoro Technology, a Japanese company that was also stranded. By chance, I represented the company's fluororesin solvent based coating products, which are used in the semiconductor industry, waterproof fabrics, anti fouling, anti oil, etc; Starting from Taiwan and eventually expanding to the entire East Asian market, this is the fifth growth point of the company


Duterun took over Nye's agency rights in South Korea and established a Korean branch in Daegu City. The expansion of the Korean market is an important sixth growth point for the company


Our market operations cover most of East Asia and Southeast Asia. With the organization, network, and expertise accumulated since 1990, Duterun is ready to provide real-time, on-site professional services tailored to the needs of its customers

Company Origin

Moisturology is a subject that lies in the gray area between mechanics and chemistry, and is important yet often overlooked. In 1990, Mr. Zhuang Shuquan, the founder of Duterun, firmly believed that there was always room for improvement in the field of grinding and lubrication based on his past school knowledge and work experience. He teamed up with his business partner, Mr. Xie Qihe, and resolutely invested in establishing Duterun Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Kaohsiung, where he resided; Set special lubricants as the core of the business. At the beginning of the company, it was a mini scale three person company, and compared to today's scale and business map, it is truly incomparable.


The key to a company's development lies in its members; Only with a stable organization can knowledge and experience be accumulated and inherited, thereby nurturing the expansion of new businesses. Duterun not only has internal members like a big family, but also its interactions with foreign original factories such as Nye Lubricant, Fluoro Technology, Lubrodal, etc. are like internal operations. On this basis of trust, there is no need for opening letters of credit, T/T, and documentary bills Wait for the procedures; This operating method invisibly reduces costs and significantly improves administrative efficiency. In the big family of Duterun, a large number of members are senior colleagues who have been fighting together for many years, so the operation of the company has extremely high stability and is not prone to errors.

Company Vision

Since its establishment for more than 20 years, from the era of survival in the early days to the turning point of facing a higher level today, there have been many ideas and plans brewing along the way. Since the beginning of purchasing offices in various strongholds, I have been thinking about the possibility of setting up factories for production in the future; Therefore, we also purchased three factories in Kaohsiung, Daegu, and Shanghai Huaqiao. Developing self branded products will be a turning point for the company's future development, and Duterun is accumulating capabilities; Looking forward to the third decade, the company will transform from a trading company that acts as an agent for imported products to a factory that combines agency and production. When there is at least one well-known special lubricant brand in advanced countries around the world, we also aspire to become a well-known special lubricant brand in Taiwan in the international community.

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